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Who am I?

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Hello, I’m Rad – entrepreneur, technologist, foodie, photographer and traveller… and the person behind this little corner of the web.

I believe (web-based) technologies combined with a little bit of insight & clever thinking can make things better – all things.

Officially I’m an IT consultant that specialises in ecommerce and distribution at Formulate.

I’m also Team Principal at Radical Rally and Radical Autoworks.

I travel a lot (mainly to Africa), I take photos (some good, some bad) and I love food (probably helps that I used to be a chef and manage a restaurant).

Why this website?

Perhaps just like you, I’m involved in a daily battle to make sense of new technologies, how we’ll use them and what the next big thing is. There is always a mixture of excitement and apprehension when I find a new thing… how can we use this, how will it help me, but also, how would someone with fewer morals abuse this?

To understand technologies and put them to best use, I firmly believe that you need to understand people. I mean really understand them. Not just what they do, but why they do it, what drives them and what can influence them. These two things combined, produce interesting combination in me, of pure technology geekery and genuine interest in people and their behaviour.

I write my thoughts down on this little site for all to see and I welcome your opinions, I’m not always right and I like it when people challenge my beliefs, not with off the cuff remarks but with science, reason and logic that forces me to think again.

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