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More about Rad Dougall

I didn’t tell you enough on the first page about me? Well here’s the rest…


What have I done?

Pre 2007

I got two degrees from the University of Teesside in Middlesbrough but then decided to do something else. Anything else. For two years I had my messing around phase after university, finally landing in a Restaurant as a low-level chef. Within 6 months I was managing the place and stayed there for another 2 years.

I learnt a lot from working there with all kinds of people both as customers and staff. This started my belief in the power of customers expectation and the problems you can cause when you break it.


I went on to start digital agency Studioworks, that grew into a team of 8 in under 4 years and worked with brands like Fat Face and the Dorset Chamber of Commerce. I had a lot of fun starting this but there was also a lot of pain. You have to love what you’re doing!

I’ve been a Butcher at Meetdraw since 2010 and really enjoy arranging fantastic events for Bournemouth & Poole’s creative industry folk. We’ve done beach partiespool partiesparties on the pier and parties in posh restaurants. We love what we do and how we do it.


While running Studioworks, I setup internet infrastructure and hosting company Lumiserv with a friend and colleague, from ITSB. It was a logical fit for Studioworks (the web agency) and ITSB (the IT support company) since we both used its services on a daily basis.

Because I’m very much into online software, communities and apps, I became an advisor on all things digital for aviation training community, Aerotraining in 2011. The site growing steadily every day and I know that the two pilots I work with will make it an awesome success.


In October I sold digital agency Studioworks, to Bright Blue Day group and joined them as their Group Head of Digital. We merged in the development teams, clients and processes very successfully over 3 months.


Six months after the merger of Studioworks and Bright Blue Day, we took the decision to take the Studioworks brand back to the market with a different proposition from Bright Blue Day. BBD Studioworks was born, of which I became the Managing Director.

At the beginning of 2014 I again put my food knowledge to good use by advising and local lunch delivery company, Lunch’d. Oli uses seasonal and local ingredients to create awesome comfort foods and super salads from his kitchen in Canford Cliffs. Pop on the website and you can order one for the next day (provided you work in Bournemouth & Poole for now).

Having successfully set up BBD Studioworks, I left to concentrate on growing managed DevOps & infrastructure company, Lumiserv into a company that retains its awesome ethos, culture and customer service no matter how large it gets. Lumiserv is all about helping developers concentrate on code and businesses sleep at night.


We grew Lumiserv over 400% in 2 and a bit years, with engineers in 4 different countries and several household name clients, such as The business was sold to an infrastructure company wanting to provide managed services and DevOps alongside their existing hosting and networking capabilities. I’m currently still involved in an advisory role.


…I’ve also made a bunch of mistakes along the way. It’s inevitable. My only rule is to not make the same mistake twice.


Life events and funny facts… well maybe

More stuff about me, I’ll let you be the judge of its interest or hilarity value…


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