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One thing I know (book)

By on May 11, 2013 in Blog, Business, Published in | 0 comments

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Back in January, Creative England approached me to write an article for a new book they were publishing. It’s its a collection of insights and learnings from agency bosses, creative leaders and generally good people. As you can imagine we all have a number of interesting stories to tell on a multitude of subjects but we each had just one page, so one topic it was.

Having only hired my first developer in 2011, it wasn’t that long ago and after hiring 5 more, employment was on my mind. How do you select a new employee, what are you looking for, should you be traditional and look for a degree or should you do what feels right? All questions that are even more important when you’re looking for your first team member. They have to be really, really good because cash is tight but work should be plentiful. I, thankfully, got it right and my first man still works with me to this day.

Creative England are releasing the articles, one a day, for 116 days this summer. And I’m pleased to say that mine has finally been released on the website…

Published  on the 24th April 2013, One Thing I Know, is a lovely little book and it’s free. Just pay for postage and packing.

Read my article on Hiring Your First Employee or get the real thing…

Get the book >

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