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Is Cloud Computing a fit for your business?

By on May 7, 2015 in Blog, SaaS, Technology | 0 comments

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Cloud computing generally, and software as a service (SaaS) in particular, is an extremely popular and rapidly growing method of delivering technology today. With that being said, many organisations and small business owners considering a move to the cloud may still want to consider which applications they actually do move.

Cloud computing is universally accepted in today’s business world when it comes to e-mail, financial management, customer service, expense management, etc. Those are just a few prominent fields that have gotten great uptake via SaaS.

While SaaS is a very valuable tool, there are certain situations where it is may not be the best option for software delivery. Examples of this may include situations where applications require extremely fast processing of real time data or applications where legislation or other regulation does not permit data being hosted externally.

Although a Cloud-based service may have its downsides like any solution, the clouds inherent benefits definitely outweigh the downsides in many ways:

With a cloud-based solution, you have the ability to work from anywhere in the world. With our world rapidly becoming more and more mobile as the days go by it only makes sense to have a technological solution that accommodates that lifestyle. Today’s entrepreneurs work from anywhere they choose whether it be their home, airport lounges, Starbucks, or a traditional office. With the cloud, not only will you always have access to your software, but you also have the ability to log in and simply pick up where you left off anywhere in the world. Also unlike installed software, you will also always have access to the latest software version. When a new version of a software is released, it is instantly made available to all subscribers, giving you access to tools which will keep your business at an optimal competitive advantage.

For every business owner who sees the importance of assessing their own business for optimal growth, here would be three things to seriously consider.

  1. 1. Become More Efficient – By transitioning to cloud computing your business will become more efficient by reducing risks and unexpected expenses associated with your local in-house IT. Basically, it will allow you to spend less time trying to ‘keeping the lights On’ and will allow you to make your technology meet the key needs of your business such as innovation and production.
  2. Become More Economical – One of the greatest reasons to transition to the cloud would be its financial benefits! Cloud allows you the flexibility to scale up or scale down as your business demands. When you hire more staff, you can switch on new licenses or activate more cloud-based servers immediately and similarly turn off the tap if you downsize, because with cloud you only have to pay a low monthly cost per user for software or hardware.
  3. Become More Resilient – Lastly, if you cloud compute with a reputable cloud provider you will have received more security, convenience, and resilience than you could ever hope to imagine. Meaning they will store your data safely and securely. If your office were ever compromised by a break in or theft, your data would still remain safe and accessible online from any computer in the world…. well only if you have the password!


Originally written for and published on the 7th May 2015

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