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13 Tools For Entrepreneurs to Boost Productivity

By on Aug 5, 2016 in Blog, Guest writer, Hints & Tips, SaaS | 0 comments

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Whether you’re running a SaaS startup, a well-established ecommerce store or… pretty much anything, one question all entrepreneurs ask themselves is, “How can I do more?”. Having spent the last few years working on successful tech startups like JournoRequests, I thought I’d share some tools that helped me get more done and boost my productivity!


  1. Trello
    Trello is a visual task manager that’s easy to use and helps collaboration with your team. Create lists such as “To-Do”, “Doing”, “Done”, and move tasks from one list to another. You can also drag and drop tasks to prioritise them, add team members to cards, attach graphics, have conversations with your team, and so much more.There are literally millions of ways to use Trello to boost productivity, but it’s particularly good for Agile teams. It’s everything we need in a task manager, feature-rich yet elegantly simple.
  1. Slack
    Imagine an overflowing email inbox of mess, that includes company-wide alerts, payment notifications, chat with team members, shared documents, email alerts for mentions of your company online, and email alerts for software bugs (You might not have to imagine hard).Then comes Slack, a messaging app that replaces all of this and neatly organises it for you. You’ll find it easy to keep on top of everything and won’t miss anything important. It’s no wonder Slack is Silicon Valley’s darling and one of the fastest growing companies of all time.
  1. Skype
    Yes, Skype is great for video calling and screen-sharing, and sure there are similar products too which are just as good (such as Google Hangouts). However, did you know you can also set up a business phone number to come through Skype?I spent a few months working in Thailand and routed all my calls via a London landline number to Skype. With blistering Internet speeds of 200/130 mbps (upload/download), customers often commented on how clear my voice was. I’ve since used it back home with bog-standard WiFi, and even then it’s almost as reliable as a landline call.
  1. Google Sheets & Docs
    I recently had to use Excel because my accountant used it… the experience reminded me how good Google Sheets is! So much time was wasted trying to work out which version of accounts was the most up-to-date. With Google Sheets collaboration is seamless – you can even see changes other collaborators are making live and chat with them.
  1. Messenger
    We all know Facebook can be a black hole for productivity, which is why I now use messenger.com. It’s just the messaging part of Facebook, without the distractions of your news feed and notifications (or videos of cats).



  1. Weebly
    Weebly lets you build a website with no coding experience by dragging and dropping elements onto a page. Even if you can code, it can be a huge time-saver if you just need a simple website, fast, to test some new idea you’ve had. Only want a viral signup page? Try Launchrock.
  1. Corona SDK
    Are you developing a mobile app? Corona SDK claims to help you build 10x faster… in my experience it makes the process at least 3x faster. Everything is written in a simple yet powerful scripting language called Lua, which lets you build apps cross-platform for both iOS and Android.… if you’re interested in Corona, you should also check out React Native, which was developed by Facebook for a similar purpose.
  1. Marvel
    No, not that Marvel, but you could call Marvel app a tech super hero. It lets you prototype interfaces super-quickly without writing any code!
  1. Pexels
    Don’t waste time taking your own photos – use stock images from the web. Pexels is what we use at JournoRequests (and it’s donation-based, which is handy if you’re on a tight budget). Also, check out Flat Icon for any vector icons you need.



  1. Baremetrics/Chartmogul
    If you’re running a SaaS startup, it’s important to have a thorough understanding of your metrics. How much is your revenue growing each week? What percentage of customers are churning? I’ve used both Baremetrics and Chartmogul and would highly recommend both. They integrate easily with payment providers so you can spend less time calculating your metrics and more time analysing what they mean!
  1. Streak for Gmail
    Sometimes you just want something that fits with all your existing workflows. Streak is exactly that. Instead of having to learn how to get set up with other CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software such as Salesforce, Streak integrates directly with Gmail. It takes just a minute to install, and you can immediately start creating sales pipelines, tracking opens, and leaving notes on customers. Spend less time getting set up, and more time making sales!
  1. Profile Hopper
    Save yourself hours of lead generation every week with Profile Hopper.Search for your target customers, and Profile Hopper automatically visits their profiles on LinkedIn, notifying them you stopped by. As well as that, it finds email addresses that you can export to CSV! (disclaimer: we built this tool to help us grow JournoRequests, so we’re bound to think it’s awesome)
  1. Boomerang for Gmail
    And finally, you’ve spent all day building new product features. Somehow it’s 11pm and you still have emails to reply to – that’s where Boomerang comes in. You can schedule emails for any time you like, because let’s face it – who wants to receive an email at midnight



Originally posted on lumiserv.com on the 5th August 2016

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